Are ceramic veneers fragile?

    The veneers are very thin ceramic plates: they are fragile, but once cemented on the tooth they become one with it and therefore very resistant.

    Can I only make veneers on 2 teeth?

    In order to create a natural smile and contextualize it within the patient’s face, a careful evaluation is always made through photos of the patient’s face and lips.
    When we smile usually at least 8 teeth are exposed (4 upper incisors and 4 lower incisors) and to have an aesthetically acceptable and homogeneous result it may be necessary to extend to more dental elements.
    Each case must be studied to evaluate the most suitable solution together with the patient.

    What is the difference between ceramic veneers and porcelain veneers?

    None, it’s a different way of referring to the same material. Veneers in ceramic, porcelain or Lumineers are different terms to indicate the same thing and have high aesthetic and strength properties.

    Can the veneers get stained?

    No, the ceramic veneers retain their original color over time.
    Ceramic is in fact a glassy material and is not subject to change color, or to change over time.

    How are veneers taken care of?

    As with natural teeth, it is necessary to take care of the veneers by brushing your teeth normally and passing the floss, it is also essential to periodically clean your teeth professionally.
    The attention that you must have with the veneers follow the same rules that apply to natural teeth: you must avoid too hard foods, chewing gum, avoid tearing, trauma and biting your nails.

    My teeth are very small and spaced, can I improve this defect with veneers?

    Of course, it is possible to close the spaces between the teeth, modify their shape or increase their size by making a careful aesthetic and occlusal evaluation to plan the treatment with the veneers.
    In some cases it may be necessary to intervene first orthodontically by placing the brace for a short time and then with the veneers.

    I have old reconstructions on the anterior incisors that I am not satisfied with, is it possible to get better results with veneers?

    The veneers were created mainly for the aesthetic treatment of the anterior sector, so they are the standard choice when you want to improve dental aesthetics.
    The materials used for the veneers are highly aesthetic and give a natural result, without compromising the health or strength of the tooth.