Prostheses, Dental Aesthetics


Prostheses, Dental Aesthetics

The prosthesis is the branch of dentistry that deals with the rehabilitation of missing teeth. The prostheses can be made with different materials in specialized dental laboratories. The prostheses must have functional, strength and aesthetic characteristics for adequate chewing.
The crown is a prosthesis that replaces the external part of the tooth, it is used in case of serious injuries to the teeth or root canals. It can be done on teeth or implants.
Dental veneers represent an ideal, non-invasive and high quality solution to solve aesthetic problems of anterior teeth. The treatment with veneers is painless and non-invasive, it is tailor-made for the patient and allows obtaining immediate aesthetic results on the teeth.
For the replacement of one or a few teeth, the use of implants or a bridge that is anchored on the residual elements is an option.
In case of total lack of teeth, removable prostheses represent a solution adopted to restore masticatory function. In case of total lack of teeth it is important to know that there are numerous solutions, and a dental consultation with a professional in the sector is recommended.

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Digital impression scanning

At the Chisci dental center you can take the impressions of your teeth through a scanner!
It is a minimally invasive tool for the patient and quick to use for the dentist!
With this new machine there is no longer the discomfort or nausea caused by the old pasta and the session is much shorter than before!
In addition, seeing the scan of the mouth projected on the computer arouses a lot of sensation, curiosity and interest in patients, especially in children with whom, at times, it is more difficult to interact!

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