I can’t open my mouth and I have pain when I chew, should I worry?

    Sometimes the temporomandibular joint disorders can be confused with pains of dental origin: it is essential to be examined in order to make a correct diagnosis and set the appropriate treatment plan.

    I grind my teeth at night, can the bite help me quit?

    Bruxism or nocturnal grinding is an involuntary activity that can arise for multiple non-dental reasons. It is important to carry out an interdisciplinary assessment as the use of a bite may prove to be insufficient or limited.

    My baby grinds and clenches his teeth while he sleeps: should I worry?

    In children, the lock is often a para-physiological and transitory condition: it is always good to take children to periodic checks to monitor dental-skeletal growth and any parafunctions.

    My jaw crunches and makes strange noises, why?

    The temporomandibular joint can present problems, like any joint of our body.
    When the disturbances become frequent, acute or limit our chewing capacity causing pain, it is advisable to carry out a medical check to evaluate the functionality of the joint.