Clinical Cases

Fragment Reattachment

This clinical case regards a small patient who suffered a trauma with consequent fracture of the

Dental implant

In this clinical case the adult patient presented a lack of the right lateral incisor

Bone regeneration

In this case, the patient suffered from maxillary bone atrophy that did not allow for

Dental crowding

The patient presented severe crowding on both arches and was treated with a fixed brace. From

Impacted canine

The 14-year-old patient presented with impacted maxillary canine and persistence of primary canine. Radiographic examination

Invisible brace

The patient presented severe dental crowding on both arches, and was treated with invisible aligners;

Wisdom Tooth

The patient had a right lower wisdom tooth impacted. The intervention involved its complete extraction

White spot

The patient presented a lesion of the enamel on the right central incisor: the treatment


The patient presented with gingivitis and juxta gingival tartar: periodontal treatment allowed for complete removal