The dental practice was founded in 2013 by Dr. Elettra Chisci and Dr. Glauco Chisci in via Ricasoli 18, in the city centre of Grosseto.
At the time, both doctors carried out freelance work in hospitals, respectively in paediatric dentistry and surgery.
the activity of the practice was immediately characterized by the maximum availability towards patients and attention to the needs that each patient may have: for this reason, right from the beginning, the doctors in the practice have been fully available to treat emergencies in the month of August.

In 2015, when Dr. Elettra Chisci completed the specialization in orthodontics at the University of Ferrara, the orthodontic activity at the studio was significantly increased.
In 2016, Dr. Glauco Chisci’s qualification as a surgeon brought to the practice a global vision of the patient with reference to aspects of the general state of health.
Over the years, the number of rooms and dental units have been increased: in 2018, two other dental units were installed for a total of three operating rooms, each with complementary radiological activity.
An X-ray unit was installed to perform orthopantomographies of the dental arches and teleradiographs for cephalometric purposes: this allowed the reduction of waiting times for patient treatment. In addition, the complementary radiological activity was further implemented with the use of three-dimensional CONE BEAM CT radiography in oral surgery and implantology procedures.

Over the years, the staff working within the clinic has increased and further services and technologies for patients have been added, with a particular availability for the small patients. In addition, both doctors began to carry out activities as speakers at national congresses and courses, and published scientific articles in international journals.
Subsequently, another dental unit was installed and the activity in the Chisci Dental Center was reorganized: Dr. Glauco Chisci was appointed as Health Director.

Following a rigorous application of the ministerial guidelines, a specific outpatient department dedicated to oral hygiene and prevention was set up within the Chisci Dental Center, with particular attention to prevention in the developmental age.
In 2019, Dr. Glauco Chisci and Dr. Elettra Chisci took on the role of teachers in the training course for dental assistants.

In 2020, during the lockdown related to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Chisci Dental Center guaranteed the presence of doctors for dental emergencies; subsequently, the workers of the Chisci Dental Center were rewarded for their efforts during the covid-19 pandemic. Currently, at the Chisci Dental Center there are four outpatient departments and numerous dentists, hygienists and dental assistants, each with specific training and constant updating for a dentistry based on scientific evidence and correct and complete communication with the patient; all necessary examinations and treatments are carried out in our center and patients are attended by well-trained staff.