Hygiene and prevention


Hygiene and prevention

Good oral hygiene is a secret to maintaining the health of your teeth and mouth, but that’s not all! At the Chisci Dental Center each patient receives periodic professional oral hygiene. Oral hygiene is planned on the basis of the clinical indication received at the time of the checkup and hygiene.

Tartar ablation
The ablation of tartar or scaling is a cleaning procedure that must be carried out by a licensed professional. This procedure leads to the elimination of tartar and plaque, which are responsible for numerous dental and periodontal diseases.
Periodontology is the branch of dentistry that deals with dental support tissues, such as periodontal ligament, gum and bone tissue.
Gingivitis is a very common pathology that leads to gum bleeding during brushing. Brushing is a clear sign of inflammation and a need to see a dentist. Periodontitis, on the other hand, is a more serious condition that can compromise the supporting structures of the teeth and lead to mobility and loss of the teeth.

Prevention is fundamental and avoids the worsening of a disease “silent” in many respects: A half-yearly check at the dentist is critical to assessing your oral health.
During the oral hygiene sessions the professional will advise you on the most effective brushing techniques and you will be able to try new techniques (electric toothbrush). Furthermore, during oral hygiene sessions a dentist evaluates any dental and periodontal pathologies in order to identify any pathologies before they become dangerous!

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